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  • Compatible with Nissan Frontier Dashboard Organier

    Compatible with Nissan Frontier Dashboard Organier

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    Compatible with 2022 2023 Nissan Frontier Dashboard Organier, Soft Rubber Dash Tray with Phone Holder for Frontier D41, Center Console Organizer, Center Console Car, Center Console Sub Box, Car Storage Box Customized Dashboard Tray Our Dashboard organizer is compatible with Nissan Frontier 2022 2023, Third generation (D41). The Frontier dash organizer is designed according to the original car dashboard structure and looks like an integral part of the original Frontier. It sits flush in the dashboard and blends in seamlessly, add more store room and a phone holder. Install directly, no need to modify. Keep Things Organized Our Frontier Dashboard Organizer Tray divides the original dashboard into 3 compartments, suitable for storing small items such as car keys, coins, glasses, mobile phones, tissue box, while keeping your items organized rather than messy. The organizer tray on the dash gives you quick access to items while driving, allowing you to focus on the road. Phone Holder Design We have added two grooves on the dashboard storage box, which is convenient for placing mobile phones. According to the ergonomic design, the mobile phone will tilt towards the driver after being placed, making it easier for the driver to see the navigation. High Quality PVC Material Our Frontier dashboard console organizer tray is made of PVC material, soft, wear-resistant, non-slip and waterproof. Anti-aging and long service life even in sunlight. High-quality dash organizer helps prevent items from sliding around under heavy acceleration, keeping your items stable on the storage compartment.

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  • For Nissan Pathfinder Center Console Organizer

    For Nissan Pathfinder Center Console Organizer

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    For Nissan Pathfinder Center Console Organizer, Center Console Car, Center Console Sub Box, Center Console Organizer Tray 2022 2023, Armrest Storage Tray For 2022 2023 Nissan Pathfinder, Console Storage Tray Custom-made Center Console Organizer Our Pathfinder Console Organizer tray is customed for Nissan Pathfinder 2022 2023, it provides additional storage space for your center console. Fits perfectly, just like OEM parts. Keep Things Organized 2022 Pathfinder Console Storage Tray allows you to better manage your daily items such as sunglasses, keys, mobile phones, cards and so on. Compared with the deep center console of the original car, console tray allows you to get what you want at your fingertips, and say goodbye to the days of rummaging through boxes to find things. Upgrade Storage Function Our Pathfinder center organizer tray divides the original deep center console into upper and lower parts. You can store valuables at the bottom of the center console. Our Pathfinder storage tray sits on the top of center console bin for easy access to your daily items. The upper and lower layers of the center console are more convenient to store items. Premium Material of Console Organizer for car 2022 2023 Pathfinder console organizer storage box is made of high quality ABS plastic, very durable and has good friction resistance, and is non-slip waterproof, has long service life. Non-slip rubber liners prevent the items from sliding around under heavy acceleration, makes your things stably on the storage box, and are easy to clean, with just one wipe, stains are gone, and it's as clean as new. Easily to install Easily and quickly install. Our console organizer tray is designed according to the original car center console, which can be perfectly matched to the center console. No modification is required, no need to drill. Just put in and take out. Tight fit and won't move around. Package Included:1x Pathfinder Console Tray, 3x Anti-slip Rubber Mats.

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