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16PCS Car Detailing Brushes Set | Jaronx

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Cleaning Kit, Car Detailing Brushes, 16PCS Drill Brush Set, Car Cleaning Kit for Wheels, Dashboard, Engine, Leather, Carpet (Detail Brushes, Drill... Read more

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Cleaning Kit, Car Detailing Brushes, 16PCS Drill Brush Set, Car Cleaning Kit for Wheels, Dashboard, Engine, Leather, Carpet (Detail Brushes, Drill Brushes, Car Wash Mitt, Vent Brush, Towels, Polishing Pad)

16PCS Car Detailing Brushes Set and Drill Brush Attachment

Including 5*Car Detail Brush (diffenent sizes), 4*Drill Brushes for Car Detailing (2.5inch, 3.5inch, 4inch, 5inch), 2*Drill Polishing Pads (4inch), 1*Suction Cup (4inch), 1*Wash Mitt, 1*Car Vent Brush, 2*Towel. Best Car Detailing Brush Drill Set for both interior and exterior car cleaning including Engine Bays, Wheels, Emblems, Tire, Leather Seat, Rims, Spokes, Grills, Exhaust Tips, Bumpers, Inner fender, Undercarriage, Air Vents, ect.

Power Scrubber Drill Brushes

Includes 4 pieces different stiffness and shapes power scrubber. 2-inch Long Black Hard Brush is a perfect tool to reach tight, narrow and hard to reach spaces. 3.5-inch Yellow Medium Car Corner Brush is made for car interior corners, carpet, tire, wheel, bumper and also can be applied to kitchen, shower, bathtub, etc. 5-Inch White Soft Brush is suitable for car surface, headlights, leather seat, ect. 4-Inch Yellow Medium Brush is good to clean broad/open surface areas.

5 Different Sizes Car Detailing Brushes & Scratch-free

Meet all you need of detail cleaning.Car Detailing Brush can reach the smallest areas like in between air vents, cervices of paneling, or just hard to reach spots that you wouldn't be able to clean with just a rag. The bristles are firm enough to agitate yet soft enough that it wont harm sensitive surfaces. The hard plastic handle without metal parts will not damage delicate surfaces, like glass, painted and polished surface. 

Polishing Pad

4-Inch Car Sponge Buffing Pads is made of high quality sponge, can be used repeatedly. Foam Polishing pad is perfect for auto car detail polishing, waxing, and sealing glaze of various coating waxes, cleaning and improving car brightness. Sponge Polishing Pad is a good cleaner for car surface, leather seats and console dashboard, ect. Scrub Sponge also can be used for kitchen cleaning Oven Stove Cooktop Sink Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan Pots and Pans.

Car Wash Mitt & Cleaning Towels & Vent Duster

Premium scratch free Car Wash Mitt keeps your car clean without scratching it with this super soft microfiber car wash mitt. Ultra soft, non-abrasive Microfiber Towels can soak up water instantly and will not scratch paints, coats or other soft surfaces. 2-in-1 Car Air Vent Duster Brush with double ended design can deal with removing dust of the vent, keyboard, blinds, shutter, etc.

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