22PCS Car Detailing Brush Kit | Jaronx

22PCS Car Detailing Brush Kit | Jaronx

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Cleaning Kit, Car Detailing Brushes, 22PCS Wheel Brush, Car Detailing Brush Kit Auto Detailing Supplies, Synthetic Soft Wheel Woolies Brush, Detailing Brush... Read more

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Cleaning Kit, Car Detailing Brushes, 22PCS Wheel Brush, Car Detailing Brush Kit Auto Detailing Supplies, Synthetic Soft Wheel Woolies Brush, Detailing Brush Set, Drill Brushes, Car Duster Brush, Car Wash Mitt, Car Cleaning Gel…

22PCS in 1 Car Detailing Brush Kit

Package Includes: Long Handle Car Wheel Deatiling Brush*1, Car Detail Dust Brush*1, Short Handle Car Tire/Carpet Brush*1, Car Detailing Brushes*5, Car Detailing Drill Brushes*4, Polishing Pad*2, Car Cleaning Gel*1, Car Wash Mitt*1, Wire Brushes*3, Air Vent Brush*1, Car Washing Towel*2. Professional Car Detailing Kit for both interior and exterior car detail cleaning including Wheels, Tire, Leather Seat, Carpet, Grills, Bumpers, Air Vents, ect.

1x 17.5" Wheel Tire Brush & 1x Short Handle Tire/Carpet Brush

Soft and dense wool fibers wheel brush is scratch-free for glossy wheels, quickly remove stains and clean tires. Our synthetic woolies brush can bend up to 360 degrees and great for cleaning tight, hard to reach places. The long handle allows easy access to the barrels of wheels behind the spokes for a thorough cleaning. The Short Handle Tire Brush is ideal for scrubbing grime and dirt from wheels, tires, rims, carpet, ect.

1x 14" Interior Dust Brush

The dusting brush features thick microfiber strands and microfiber mesh that effectively captures dust and dirt while minimizing spreading dust around, making it safe on paint and delicate surfaces. The microfiber mesh on one side can be used on areas that might be more difficult to remove. This dash duster is conveniently sized to fit in glove box or door side pockets, with a solid handle and plenty of surface area to pick up dust. Washable, great for wet and dry use.

5x Upgraded Car Detailing Brushes & 1x Car Vent Brush

The detail brush set has 3 bristles of different softness. Super-soft bristles are ideal for delicate surfaces like dashboard, screen, leather seats. Grey bristle brush is made of fine synthetic fiber, perfect for tidying both car interior and exterior. Black bristle brushes are tough and elastic, suit for cleaning engine bays, wheels, tires, narrow or tiny space. The Car Vent Brush is ergonomically designed for removing dust of the vent, blinds, etc.

4x Drill Brushes & 2x Wax Pads

Power Scrubber Drill Brushes Detailing come in 3 sizes (2in/3.5in/4in) for fast and efficient cleaning of cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats and so on. The nylon bristles will not scratch and help to remove stubborn stain like brake dust, iron particles, sand and dirt, making cleaning easier and more fun than ever. Microfiber Ultra Soft Applicator is washable and reusable, perfect for applying waxes, sealants, glazes, dressings.

1x Car Wash Mitt & 2x Towels & 1x Car Cleaning Gel & 3 Wire Brushes

Microfiber Wash Mitt for car absorbs 7x its weight in water, internal waterproof design, elastic wrist cuff keeps mitt in place on hand. Non-abrasive microfiber towels are ultra soft and will not scratch any surface. Car Dust Cleaning Gel is super great to pick up the dirt from little knooks and crannies and won't leave a residue. The wire brushes are made of brass, stainless steel and nylon, hard enough to get clean rust and detail completely.

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